Professional surface treatment with Teflon® and fluoroplastic coatings

Fin Coating Systems
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Fin Coating Systems offers wide range of coatings for various different industries as the coatings in question have almost unlimited number of application alternatives.

Our coatings are the ideal solution in all areas of the production process where operational breakdowns can occur due to contamination or incrustation.

The right coating solutions for every industry:
  • Packaging industry - plates, blades, rolls, machine parts, guide plates, etc.
  • Electronics industry - hangers, baths, moulds etc.
  • Printing industry - rolls, baths etc.
  • Instrument industry - machine parts, moulds, pump pistons etc.
  • Pharmaceutical industry - mixers, pools, containers, vibrator bowl, sliding plates)
  • Automobile industry - rubber seals, tyre moulds, different metal parts, car wheel, car buffer
  • Textile industry - drying drums
  • Paint industry - colour mixers, containers
  • Materials handling and process engineering – funnels, glue dispensers
  • Film processing
  • Plant and mechanical engineering - press plates, tapered valve plugs
  • Meat, Fish, Cheese and Candy industries - heat packing plates, slicing blades, wire mesh for smoked fish, mass tanks, candy molds, scraping knife
  • Weapon industry
  • Gas, Power plant and Oil industry - pipes and valves, containers and hoppers, mixers and pools, heat exchangers
  • Mining industry - pipes and valves, containers and hoppers, screw conveyors, mixers and pools
Chemical Pipes
Heat Exchanger
The advantages:
  • increased production rate
  • continuous working process
  • no downtimes
  • no adhering of foreign substances
  • solution to reject problems
  • FDA conform
  • safe lubrication also at high pressures and extreme temperatures
  • less friction and abrasion
  • longer lubrication intervals
  • lower maintenance costs
  • clean, dry surfaces
  • controlled lubrication
  • good corrosion protection