Professional surface treatment with Teflon® and fluoroplastic coatings

Fin Coating Systems
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About us

FinCoatingSystems Ltd. in Ruse, Bulgaria is founded 2016 as a branch of the Finnish company Alu-Releco. which operates in surface treatment industry. The companies had long history and experience in professional surface treatment dating from 1967. Alu-Releco specialises in Teflon® and other fluoroplastic coatings, with decades of know-how and experience. Now we can offer in Bulgaria and Romania the same professional surface treatment services as the mother company in Finland.
Alu-Releco Finland - Surface area ~3000 square meters, Ovens with different sizes - 10 pcs, Lifting capacity 20 t.

Fin Coating Systems Ltd., especially designed it’s premises and equipment to meet the demands for a modern surface treatment facility.

Our main customer segments are metal and engineering industry, food industry, chemical industry and packaging industry. However, the company offers its solutions to many other industries as well. This is due to the fact that the Teflon® and other fluoroplastic coatings offered by FinCoatingSystems have almost unlimited number of application alternatives.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is an indispensable material for industrial non-stick and dry lubrication coatings, due to the numerous positive characteristics which are unbeatable by any other plastic material. Without PTFE, many modern procedures would be inconceivable. New applications are being developed all the time.

The company serves its customers flexibly and individually. Our coatings are very suitable on metals, glass and ceramics.Continuous quality control, high quality and customer-oriented coating solutions, research and development with skilled and experienced personnel are our most important success factors.