Professional surface treatment with Teflon® and fluoroplastic coatings

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Teflon® and other fluoroplastic coatings have been used successfully in applications within the food industry for long. Everything that has to run smoothly and where no product caking is desirable is a potential application for a PTFE coating.The coatings ensure easy cleaning of the parts and prevent the product from sticking to the surface. A very attractive characteristic of PTFE is its physiological safety. This makes PTFE particularly interesting for use in the area of drinking water and in contact with food. From the wide range of coatings there are various solutions for applications for example in bakeries, dairies, meat processing plants, candy factories, professional kitchens etc.
Bread Moulds
Heating plates

Bread moulds, strap mould, baking trays, dough processing tooling, pastry form rollers
plates, blades, hoppers, pots, pans, grids, mixers, baking sheets, cookie cutting rollers etc.

  • lower friction
  • easier and faster cleaning
  • good non-stick properties
  • the coatings prevent the product from sticking to the surfaces
  • need for use of greases etc. decreases
  • good corrosion and chemical resistance
  • can be used in temperatures up to 260°C
  • the healthier food
  • the production process and product is better

All these will save you money!

Coating solutions:

Teflon® and other fluoroplastic coatings such as PTFE, PFA, FEP & Polyamide 11. Coatings are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved.