Professional surface treatment with Teflon® and fluoroplastic coatings

Fin Coating Systems
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Properties of our coatings

Chemical Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Staying Clean
Wear Resistance

Fin Coating Systems’ Range

From FC100 to FC230 - Teflon® coatings
  • The most commonly used materials are Teflon-PTFE, Teflon-PFA & Teflon-FEP.
  • The coating can be applied on almost all base materials (e.g. steel, rubber, glass)
  • The coating process requires heat treatment.
  • The coating can be applied on various sized and shaped parts.

Properties of Teflon® coatings:
  • excellent non-stick properties
  • low friction 0,12-0,24
  • wide operating temperature -200 /+260˚C
  • good chemical resistance
  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • coating thicknesses 15 to 800µm
  • possibility for anti-static coating
  • FDA approved
  • Also for rubber surfaces
Applications: Plates, Moulds, Rolls, Bake ware, Tanks, Containers and others

From FC300 to FC430 - Other Fluoroplastic coatings
  • The most commonly used materials are E-CTFE, PVDF, ETFE & Polyamide 11.
  • These coatings are suitable for almost all metals.
  • The coating process requires heat treatment.
  • The coating can be applied on various sized and shaped parts.

Properties of Fluoroplastic coatings:
  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • good mechanical durability
  • average non-stick properties
  • hardness 75-90hv
  • resistance properties
  • thickness from 200 to 1200µm
  • operating temp. -200 / +150˚C
  • FDA approved version available
  • good electricity insulation
Applications: Rolls, Tanks, Mixers, Linings, Valves

From FC510 to FC570 - Combination coatings
  • Combination of hard coatings and Teflon® provides good wear resistance combined with excellent non-stick properties.
  • The coatings include Chrome Teflon, PlasmaFlon, CeraFlon, NiteFlon & AnodiFlon.
  • Can be applied on-site at customer’s premises (e.g. drying cylinders of paper machines

Properties of combination coatings:
  • excellent wear resistance
  • good corrosion resistance
  • low friction
  • hardness 700-1400hv
  • coating thicknesses 0,05-0,2mm
  • operating temperature -200…+260˚C
Applications: Drying cylinders, Lead rolls, Spreading rolls, Screws

From FC610 to FC620 - MicroCoat® coatings
  • Coating method that does not require grit blasting of heat treatment.
  • Creates a thing (<1µm) film on the parts surface which seals the pores of the base material.
  • Suitable for nearly all materials.
  • Application such as headboxes, wire pits, containers & rolls
  • Quick installation at customers premises.

Properties of MicroCoat® coatings:
  • less need for cleaning and also easier because of the non-stick surface.
  • reduces bacterial growth.
  • reduces impurities from sticking top the coated surface.
  • risk free and environmentally friendly.
  • good non-stick properties.
  • seals porous base materials.
  • longer service life
  • suitable for dryer operating conditions
Applications: Head boxes, Mass pipes, Piping, Press rolls

From FC710 to FC720 - Teflon® sleeves
  • Suitable for metal and rubber mantled rolls, spreading rolls and drying cylinders.
  • More effective production and less maintenance costs in applications where contamination is a problem.
  • Quick and easy installation, also in customers facilities.
  • Main customers in pulp & paper industry, chemical industry and packing industry.

Properties of Teflon® heat shrinkable sleeves:
  • good non-stick properties
  • low friction
  • good flexibility
  • chemical resistance properties
  • thickness 0,15 – 1,5mm
  • maximum length 10m, no diameter restrictions
  • operating temp. -200 / +260˚C
  • protective coating
  • quick installation (also on-site)
  • also for rubber surfaces
Applications: Spreader rolls (rubber & metal mantles), Straight rolls